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Writes from the Heart

Callie Thomas, is a writer of YA fantasy and sweet romance stories, with even more story ideas on the horizon.

Why I write sweet romance:

I wrote A Forest of Stolen Memories, a YA fantasy, with my niece in mind. I wanted something that my sister and her daughter could read together. Most people would associate clean with boring--and that isn't the case at all. To me, I consider it a challenge. I write clean and yet still have to compete with other authors who don't. So, my story relies on having a solid foundation that will hook readers without all the physical stuff. Is there still romance? Absolutely, yes! There is still enough sizzle that will heat up the page and leave you wanting more. But I don't need to add the other stuff to make my story more enjoyable---it stands on its own. That means no cursing and only kisses, not just in this book, but in all my books.

Something on your mind? Send me your questions, comments, or even just a friendly hello. 

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About Callie Thomas

Writer & Coffee Lover

Callie Thomas is an indie author who loves all things fairy tales—including twisting tales of her own. Her favorite stories have a mix of sweet romance, laughter, and a pinch of magic. When she's not writing, she enjoys playing board games, reading at the beach, and traveling the world with her husband and two boys. Since she can't live at Disney World, you'll find her near the historical battlefields and lush woodlands where her family lives in Fredericksburg, VA. She recently published her first Vella series, A Forest of Stolen Memories & A Sea of Golden Chains, and has more stories on the horizon.

Meet the Author
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