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Writes from the Heart

Callie Thomas, is a writer of YA fantasy and sweet romance stories, with even more story ideas on the horizon.

Why I write sweet romance:

I wrote A Forest of Stolen Memories, a YA fantasy, with my niece in mind. I wanted something that my sister and her daughter could read together. Most people would associate clean with boring--and that isn't the case at all. To me, I consider it a challenge. I write clean and yet still have to compete with other authors who don't. So, my story relies on having a solid foundation that will hook readers without all the physical stuff. Is there still romance? Absolutely, yes! There is still enough sizzle that will heat up the page and leave you wanting more. But I don't need to add the other stuff to make my story more enjoyable---it stands on its own. That means no cursing and only kisses, not just in this book, but in all my books.

Something on your mind? Send me your questions, comments, or even just a friendly hello. 

About Callie Thomas

Writer & Coffee Lover

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Callie Thomas was born in California but moved away immediately after, living in more places in the United States than she can remember. Even now, she can’t stay in one spot too long, but you can usually find her on the sandy shores of someplace tropical, possibly with a coconut drink in her hand. Callie has been writing since middle school when her teacher caught her writing stories instead of vocabulary words in her 7th grade English class. Plagued by doubt, she went in a completely different direction and graduated college at George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic and Web Design. But the stories never stopped. Older and wiser (she hopes), she is finally ready to take a leap of faith with her writing. She recently published her first Vella series, A Forest of Stolen Memories & A Sea of Golden Chains, and is currently writing her first novel, The Captain's Daughter.

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