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What to Expect in my Books?

All my books are PG to PG-13 and are appropriate for teens and young at heart. If you have a question about a topic of one of my books, please feel free to reach out and ask. I want to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.

Clean/Sweet Romance

  • Just kisses only

  • No fade to black

  • No body parts listed

  • Tension/chemistry/banter between characters

No Swearing

  • No modern day swearing or curses

  • Made up curses from the story like "The Sorcerer take me."

Healthy Relationships

While I might show red flags in a relationship (ie. mental or physical abuse), I won't go into deep detail to overload a reader. ​Their love interest will always be a good example of true love, compassion, grace, compromise, and forgiveness.

No Heavy Gore

There may be battles and injuries, but I will never go into intense detail that will make you queasy.

  • Characters may die (especially villains) but it's done in a delicate manner.

Imperfect Characters

Expect my characters to make choices based off their personality, whether that's good or bad. Characters will have to make hard choices, and make a mess of things. But in the end, they will learn from the mistakes, growing as a person.

Happily Ever After

My main characters will always end in a healthy relationship with a spouse or fiancé.

  • No bully romances

  • No immoral or taboo relationships

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