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A Sea of Golden Chains

Ready to dive in? 

This story starts at the end of A Forest of Stolen Memories in episode 38. If you haven't read Roselyn's story, I'd suggest you start there first (episodes 1-37) before jumping into Marigold's.

The new story page (the one with Marigold on it) only contains bonus content. I received comments from past readers who were confused with the random bonus episodes sprinkled in midstory. I hope this fix makes for a smoother reading experience. 

Copy of August (1).jpg

Don't give up, Marigold.

A failed ransom sends Marigold overboard into the turquoise waters, death’s grip too tight to escape. As she sinks into the darkness, her screams echo into a bewitching song, luring a merman to her rescue. Now the ancient magic that saved her chains them forever, their destinies entwined. Desperate for her freedom, she will escape at the first chance she gets. But this handsome merman is hooked, refusing to leave her side, even if that means following her to the surface.

Two Sisters, One Story

Dive back into a world of magic and sweet romance. New episodes post every Sunday. Hit the Follow Story button to receive notifications from your Kindle App so you never miss an episode. 

These heart-warming episodes will hook you and leave you wanting more. 

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