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This is my way to communicate directly with you. Over the last year when Amazon would push out updates to the platform, sometimes we would have little hiccups along the way. It was frustrating from my end because I was unable to inform my readers when there were issues. Whether it was because an episode was stuck in the publishing queue or if I was sick--whatever it might be--I wanted a way to communicate with you. You can always check here if there's a problem and an episode isn't available on time. Kindle Vella is still a new platform. As they keep adding updates and upgrades, other things might break in the process. The woes of progress! If I notice something or hear about an error, I'll make sure to post it here. For your convenience, I will list our current incentive goal here, too. No need for you to search through author notes or social media to see what our next bonus is. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out. I love hearing from my readers. Thanks! Callie

Next Episode Release

Story: A Sea of Golden Chains

(A Forest of Stolen Memories)

Release Date: 10/2/22

Status: On Time

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Double Episode Drop

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Unlocked: YES!!

Releasing on Oct 2, 2022

Kindle Vella Errors

8/10/22: Android readers are unable to purchase tokens from the Kindle app. You can still buy them from the Kindle Vella Website.

  8/21/22: Some story tags are glitching.


The votes are in! I asked readers to choose a random object to add into the story. Winner was...a hand mirror! I can't wait to see how your choice alters the story. Thank you for participating!

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Did you receive an error while reading? Notice a mistake in an episode? Please let me know so I can look into it.

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