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What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is Amazon's new publishing platform that allows you to read short episodes on the go. These serialized stories are released gradually over a longer period of time, similar to your favorite TV shows.

The first ten episodes of every story are always free. After that, purchase and redeem tokens to unlock episodes at 10 tokens each.


Kindle Vella stories are available to US residents and can be read on the Kindle app (iOS/Android), Kindle Fire, and on the web at


Stories are grouped by genre and tags. You can see the popular tags on the homepage, and the stories are listed by popularity. Some stories have multiple seasons. Check the story blurb on the main page to see how it is set up. For example, A Forest of Stolen Memories has two seasons.

New for 2024: Prime Student account can read stories on Vella for free! 

Kindle Vella Homepage
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Key Features

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Pricing from Amazon's website. Prices may differ in the app.

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What is an incentive goal?

This is something I provide my readers but is not a common practice among Kindle Vella authors. I like to reward my readers when we hit milestones (a certain number of story likes) to earn bonus episodes, giveaways, or merchandise. Sometimes I leave it up to you to decide what the next goal is!

**I also post them frequently on my social media.

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